A Whimsical Day at the Pumpkin Patch: Aminatou & Daretti's Adventures

A Whimsical Day at the Pumpkin Patch: Aminatou & Daretti's Adventures

Illustration of Li'l'est Walkers Aminatou sitting on a giant Jack'o'lantern in a pumpkin field, in celebration of Halloween

As the crisp breezes of Halloween approached, two of the Li'l'est Walkers found themselves irresistibly drawn to the enchanting expanse of the Pumpkin Patch.

Aminatou, resplendent in her charm, wandered through the patch with grace, sitting beside the roundest and most inviting pumpkins, her eyes shining with delight. Her innocence was the perfect juxtaposition to Daretti, who, with mischief sparkling in his eyes, darted from pumpkin to pumpkin. Every so often, he'd sneak a peak at Aminatou from his crafty hiding spots, a playful smirk hinting at his next prank.

The Gatherers' Tavern team captured these heartwarming moments - Aminatou's endearing poses by the pumpkins, and Daretti's sneaky, almost hide-and-seek-like antics. These photos not only immortalise their playful day but also add a touch of playful magic and spirit to our Halloween celebrations.

Li'l'est Walkers Figurine of Aminatou sits next to a stack of pumpkins as a figurine of Daretti peaks out from the pumpkins

But the enchantment doesn't stop there. Every figure within the Secret Lair Li'l'est Walkers Mystery Box comes with a special treat: 

A Lenticular Card!

Li'l'est Walkers figurine of Aminatou sitting right next to an Aminatou Li'l'est Walkers Lenticular Card

As you tilt and turn these cards, watch the magic come to life, shifting and revealing mesmerizing images that are bound to captivate your attention and elevate your collection.

The most delightful twist? Each card you receive directly corresponds to the character figure you get. Secure a Chandra figure, and you'll be treated to the stunning Chandra lenticular card, bringing the essence of the character to a dynamic life in your hands. What's more, the back of each card is proudly stamped with the iconic Secret Lair logo, adding an authentic touch to these collectible treasures. 

For all the collectors and enthusiasts out there, here's a treat you won't want to miss.

Li'l'est Walkers Blind Boxes

The Secret Lair Li'l'est Walkers Mystery Box is sold as a set of five distinct mystery boxes. When you secure a set, you're guaranteed to receive one of each character, ensuring that every planeswalker graces your collection. 

But here's where the allure deepens: hidden within these sets, there's a 1/20 chance to discover a dazzling gold figure, replacing its colored counterpart. Imagine unboxing a shimmering gold Daretti, a rare treasure amidst the familiar faces! These items aren't just game pieces; they are highly collectible artifacts, coveted by many and possessed by the fortunate few.

Li'l'est Walkers Aminatou figurine posed with rare golden verison in pumpkin field

As the memories of this whimsical day remain etched in the vibrant atmosphere of the Pumpkin Patch, there's a way for you to take a piece of this magic home. Dive deep into the enchanting tales and memories of our beloved planeswalkers with the Secret Lair Li'l'est Walkers Mystery Box. 

Let every card remind you of the mischief, charm, and the joy of the season. Secure yours now and let the spirit of Halloween guide your next game!

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