Who we are

Gatherers’ Tavern is a design and manufacturing studio dedicated to bringing the worlds of fantasy, games, and literature to life. We partner with leading game publishers such as Wizards of the Coast, renowned for Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, to create meaningful collectibles and accessories for fans worldwide.

  • Community 

    You inspire us, driving our quest for meaningful product innovation.
  • Collaboration

    To go far we must go together, you are integral in our growing journey.
  • Innovation 

    We relentlessly push limits, exceeding expectations and redefining possibilities.
  • Uniqueness

    We aim for each team member to leave their distinctive mark on our creations.
  • Passion

    Our creations embody our dedication, and we're excited to share them with you.
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Our Community

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Our Mascot

What started off as a hobby page with Cinnamon has evolved into a venture creating meaningful and unique collectibles.

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Our Beginnings

In 2018, our founders, Joseph and Arabelle, adopted Cinnamon, a tabby cat, in North London. Intrigued by their tabletop obsession, Cinnamon became a charming spectator, attentively observing the countless Magic: the Gathering games played between the couple. Inspired by Cinnamon's adorable fascination, they started a social media page to share their mutual affection for the game and their beloved feline. What started as a hobby page has since evolved into a dynamic venture, uniting individuals passionate about Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and other fantasy realms.

  • Magic: The Gathering

    We create official licensed products for Magic: The Gathering fans and collectors.

  • Dungeons & Dragons

    We create official licensed products to enhance your Dungeons & Dragons adventures.

  • Yolopark

    We distribute YoloPark’s Transformers collectibles in the US, including high-end statues and advanced model kits.

  • XM Studios

    We distribute XM Studios’ premium 1:4 scale statues in the US, offering fans exquisite collectibles.

  • Hasbro Pulse

    We offer you some of our best product offerings and experiences on Hasbro Pulse.

  • Reedpop

    We partner with Reedpop events to enhance experiences and offer exclusive, event-themed products.

  • Diamond Comic

    Diamond Comic helps distribute our products across the US.

  • Universal Distribution

    Universal Distribution helps distribute our products across Canada.

  • Animart

    Animart helps distribute our products across South East Asia.

  • Laselle College of the Arts

    We partner with Laselle to offer top talents fulfilling careers in the creative industry.

  • DigiPen Institute of Technology

    We partner with DigiPen to offer top talents fulfilling careers in the creative industry.

  • Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

    We partner with NAFA to offer top talents fulfilling careers in the creative industry.

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