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Wok and Roll A Menu-Creating Roll-And-Write.

In this modern Asian dice game, you and your fellow players are developing menus to become the best stir-fry eatery in town. Wok and roll your way to the best dishes, keep the freshest ingredients for yourself while denying your fellow chefs!

Video interviews

In this interview, we find out more from Magali Villeneuve, the artist who designed these beautiful statues. 

“Chandra and Liliana are some of the most beloved and iconic characters in the Magic the Gathering lore. It was an incredible adventure to be part of the creation process with XM, to see them come to life out of card frame and become these powerful and beautifully detailed sculptures. Both are at a limited run of 399 pieces, so MTG fans, do not miss out!– Magali Villeneuve

Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with a high-quality finish. MTG fans, don’t miss out!

A wild Chandra appears! Guess who we spotted at GENCON 2021? It’s @TappyToeClaws , Cosplayer and Streamer.  

In this interview, we asked Sydney what she liked about Chandra the most. Sydney also shared about the brains behind her awesome Chandra costume and why she thinks Magali Villeneuve’s works are one of the best. Click on the video link to watch more!

“Magali absolutely knows how clothing works. She is so talented, so good.. The way she sculpts the characters’ outfits has so much personality in a single piece.”