Fblthp's Misadventures at MagicCon Chicago

Fblthp's Misadventures at MagicCon Chicago

Greetings planeswalkers, Fblthp here, reporting live from the enchanting realm of MagicCon in Chicago! Oh, what a whirlwind of excitement and magical encounters I've experienced, and I'm absolutely thrilled to share the highlights with all of you!

My companions and I visited the Gatherers' Tavern booth, and we were completely captivated by the incredible booth arrangement! The display featured large statues, small figurines and numerous Magic: The Gathering accessories. I even spotted a deck box that resembled us perfectly!


I had the pleasure of meeting countless beings from different planes! Whether they were seasoned planeswalkers or newcomers to the magical realm, the camaraderie was enchanting. I shared stories, swapped gameplay techniques, and even engaged in a friendly game or two. The magic of unity truly filled the air!

I found myself in the presence of some of the most influential beings from the multiverse during the fashion show! From planeswalker influencers to renowned Magic artists, the convention was a gathering of creative minds and magical talent. I had the chance to share a few magical moments with them, exchanging stories and even picking up a few new tricks!


MagicCon Chicago was an unforgettable journey for me! The enchantment of the event will be in my heart as I continue wandering the vast realms of the multiverse. Until the next magical gathering, may your spells be powerful and your adventures be filled with wonder!

Yours in magic,


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