World's First 1:4 Scale Drizzt Do'Urden Statue Unveiled at Gen Con 2023

World's First 1:4 Scale Drizzt Do'Urden Statue Unveiled at Gen Con 2023

At Gen Con 2023, we unveiled the world's first 1:4 Scale Drizzt Do'Urden statue! 

As creators, our focus was on capturing the essence of Drizzt Do'Urden. From R.A. Salvatore's "Forgotten Realms" series, Drizzt, the iconic renegade drow, has captivated readers for decades. In crafting the 1:4 scale statue, meticulous attention was given to every detail, from the intricate patterns of his dark elven armor to the fierce determination in his lavender eyes, ensuring that we authentically brought his character to life.

Adding flavor to the statue

As creators, we devoted considerable time to deliberating over how to enrich the 35th-anniversary edition of the 1:4 scale Drizzt Do'Urden statue. Beyond the craftsmanship, our focus centered on carefully selecting elements to imbue it with distinctive flavor. That's why we include complimentary gifts.

925 Sterling Silver Necklace of Mielikki

Drizzt's loyalty to the goddess Mielikki has been a staple throughout his journey. As a testament to this allegiance, each statue comes with a beautifully designed 925 sterling silver necklace, showcasing the symbol of Mielikki. The pendant, a testament to artistry and devotion, carries an elegance that any fan would be proud to wear.

Figurine of Wondrous Power

This addition pays homage to the magical artifacts that litter the Forgotten Realms. The Figurine of Wondrous Power, an exquisitely crafted miniature, serves as a reminder of the wondrous and often unpredictable magic that permeates the world Drizzt calls home. Whether you're a collector or just an enthusiast, this figurine promises to be a conversation starter.

A Personal Note from R.A. Salvatore

In a touching gesture of gratitude to his legion of fans, each Drizzt statue also comes with a personal note from R.A. Salvatore himself. These notes, each hand-signed, offer a glimpse into the heart and mind of the man who birthed the legend. 


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