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Optimus Prime 12″ Premium Model Kit (PMK)

Optimus Prime 12″ Premium Model Kit (PMK)

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The Optimus Prime 12″ Premium Model Kit (PMK) features an ultra-movable design with articulated human like fingers that allows for any hand posture. Equipped with an Energon Axe and Ion Blaster, this model kit is held up by alloy joints.

Inspired by the Bumblebee Movie (2018), this 12” Optimus Prime Plastic Model is one of the latest Transformers licensed collectible figurines available. 

Features :

  • Ultra-movable design with articulated human-like fingers that allows for any hand posture
  • Equipped with Energon Axe and Ion Blaster
  • Alloy joints
  • ABS, PVC, POM, Alloy, Metal, Decal, LED

Note : Photos are only Prototype samples shown and actual product details could be subjected to change without prior notice.

About the studio:
Based in Hong Kong, Yolopark is a Global Licensee of multiple brands that created the proprietary Internal Interconnect Endoskeleton System (IIES) that is incorporated into the dynamic 24” Optimus Prime statue seen in the Bumblebee movie (2018). Aside from Transformers brand, Yolopark has created premium collectibles for Marvel, Ultraman, Chainsaw Man, Minions, and more.The Shockwave 12″ Plastic Model features an ultra movable design with articulated joints that allows for different posture.


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